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Summary While some may take away from Dune 2000 a fleeting sense of nostalgia for the classic, most will invariably leave the game disappointed and wondering how a true sequel might have turned out.
Dune 2000 (1998). Dune 2000, a 1998 remake of Dune II from Intelligent Games/Westwood Studios/Virgin Interactive, added improved graphics and live-action cutscenes. Though gameplay is similar to its predecessor, Dune 2000 features an enhanced storyline and functionality.
After picking a side, you will have to fight through 10 missions, with the ultimate goal being to seize control of the spice mines, and in effect, the entire world economy. Who will be the victor? That's entirely up to you in DUNE 2000.
High 13.8% Retirement
Dune 2021. But from the script-writing, to the costume design, the set design, music score, ambiance and CGI, Dune 2021 has to take the top prize.

DUNE 2000 [PlayStation]

DUNE 2000 PSX PlayStation. Levels: 1 and 2. The video clip was captured and uploaded by AVerMedia Game Capture HD II....

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