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The 2TB Green 2.5 SATA 6Gbps OEM Internal Hard Drive by WD features a 2TB capacity, 8MB cache and a 6 Gbps maximum data transfer rate. It also features a 135 Mbps sustained data transfer rate, IntelliSeek variable rpm technology and ecologically sensitive production.
- Both WD Blue and WD Green drives are built with durability and reliability in mind, but WD Blue drives may have a slight edge in terms of overall durability due to their higher rotational speeds, which can contribute to faster data access.
WD Green is designed for everyday light computing tasks. The WD Green family of solid state drives deliver the reliability and value customers like students and casual home users are looking for. WD Green SATA SSD. Built with reliable, fast solid state technology that's durable and has low power consumption.
Different colors of WD hard disks usually indicate different purposes or features. For example, blue disks are typically for general storage purposes, while green disks are designed for energy efficiency. Black disks are often used for high-performance applications, and red disks are designed for reliability.
Most IT equipment functions properly for anywhere from five to ten years. However, the typical lifespan of an external hard disk drive (HDD) is only about three to five years. More expensive solid state drives (SSDs) that use flash memory instead of spinning discs generally last ten years or more.

Анти обзор жесткого диска WD Green серии, Два винта одна проблема, Не брать!

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