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Windows Security is built-in to Windows and includes an antivirus program called Microsoft Defender Antivirus. (In early versions of Windows 10, Windows Security is called Windows Defender Security Center).
Microsoft Defender for Individuals is only available as part of a paid subscription to the Microsoft 365 cloud-based office service and strictly protects non-Windows devices. For Mac and Android (but not iOS), you can pay a small subscription fee to use Microsoft's antivirus software.
If you don't have an active Microsoft 365 subscription right now. Open to go to Microsoft Defender in the Microsoft Store and select Install. After installing, sign in with the personal Microsoft account (such as,, or
Windows Defender is a free antivirus tool that's built into the Windows operating system. While it's considered one of the best free antivirus software programs, it doesn't have any extra features that might come with paid security software.
Is Windows Defender good enough? Windows Defender is a good basic virus protection software, but you may not find everything you want if you are extremely security focused. A third-party antivirus or anti-malware software will likely find threats that Windows Defender may miss.

Is Windows Defender Good Enough?

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