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SSC North America (formerly Shelby SuperCars Inc.) is an American automobile manufacturer founded in 1999 by owner Jerod Shelby. The company is based in Richland, in the Tri-Cities, Washington and specializes in the production of sports cars.
entrepreneur Larry Caplin. American dentist and entrepreneur Larry Caplin, owner of the car, piloted it during the run, which was verified with multiple satellite tracking systems from Racelogic, Life Racing, Garmin, and IMRA.
257 mph. Power: 960 kW (1,287 hp) at 6100 rpm. Torque: 1,500 N⋅m (1,106 lbf⋅ft) at 6100 rpm. Redline: 7200 rpm. Top speed: 414 km/h (257 mph)
That powerplant is built by Nelson Racing Engines and weighs a mere 428 pounds; it sends its might through a seven-speed automated manual transmission.
Created in 1998, the manufacturer is an American company run by owner Jerod Shelby. Although Jerod Shelby is not related to the well-known car creator Carroll Shelby, they have a lot in common. SSC North America specializes in producing sports cars and supercars.

Jerod Shelby | SSC Record Personal Statement

SSC North America Founder and CEO shares a personal statement regarding the speculation around the SSC Tuatara top speed...

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