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You can use Image Capture to transfer images and video clips to your Mac from a camera, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or other device that has a camera. Once you transfer the items, you can choose to delete them from the device.
Go to Macintosh HD > Applications > Image Capture.
OS Imaging is a process by which the OS Deployer captures/grabs an image of the OS from a desired system. This image is stored at an image repositor i.e. a network share , to be used at a later date as needed. The OS Image can be deployed on either a new PC (bare-metal) or a PC with a corrupted OS.
Image Capture shares with Finder a file management role, while Photos acts more like a data base or library.
Image capture may involve photochemical or digital or analog electronic technology. Traditional photography is an example of the former; digital photography is an example of the latter. Image capture usually occurs in some type of camera, which optically focuses the image onto the capture device or medium.

How to use image capture on your iMac

How to use image capture on your iMac....

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