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How to PERMANENTLY REMOVE Wallpaper Carousel from Your Phone [TUTORIAL]

If you want to know how to REINSTALL Wallpaper Caurousel on your phone watch this video:

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Wallpaper Carousel is a personalization service provided by Xiaomi and its affiliated companies (hereinafter refer to as Xiaomi, we, our or us). It allows you to use and subscribe to regularly updated wallpaper customization services.
  1. How to enable/use MI wallpaper Carousel:
  2. To use the wallpaper carousel simply tap the grid-like button located at the top right corner of your lock screen display.
  3. or.
  4. 1.Goto Settings ->Wallpapers->Select Lock screen->wallpaper carousal.
Although handy if you'd like to have dynamic wallpapers, this feature can drain your battery fast if enabled. If you want to disable and uninstall Wallpaper Carousel, you've come to the right place.
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