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General Information. OneKey Optimizer is a powerful, next-generation system optimization software designed specifically for Lenovo computers. It can enhance your PC's performance by updating firmware, drivers, and pre-installed apps.
  1. Open OneKey Optimizer from the taskbar or search for OneKey Optimizer.
  2. Select Save Power. Go to Battery Conservation, then click Calibrate.
  3. Choose a proper start time, then click OK.
PC Optimizer scans your computer to find files and processes that may be taking up space and resources. Then, we'll help remove those so you can enjoy your life online – without the frustrating lag.
Calibrating can take 8 hours or more because the battery is discharged completely and then recharged up to 100%. So it does take some time. My suggestion is run the Optimizer and see if it updates itself. Then set the Yoga aside for however long it takes to calibrate the battery.
Install OneKey Optimizer. Run the battery calibration, which will take around 6 - 8 hours. Restart the system and check. If the issue still exists, try to uninstall OneKey Optimizer.

How to Optimize Lenovo Laptops using OneKey Optimizer.

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