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XP-Pen Deco Pro (Small) Unboxing + Review

Here I post my very first tablet review. Since this is my first time doing it, especially talking in front of the camera, I am very tense...

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The XP-Pen Deco Pro MW does everything I need, I have yet to find any way where it is less usable than the Wacom it replaced, and the cost was basically one third that of the comparable Wacom. You make your own decisions as you should, but I am very happy with the XP-Pen Deco Pro MW.
The XP-Pen Deco Pro Series comes in two sizes for your option. The Deco Pro Small features a 9x5 inch working area, offering a compact and portable option while the Deco Pro Medium features an 11 x 6 inch working area, giving you a bigger canvas for your creations.
Product NameDeco Pro MW Drawing Tablet (Gen 2)Deco Pro LW Drawing Tablet (Gen 2)
Dimensions283 x 227.1 x 10.66mm333 x 258.1 x 10.66mm
Work Area9″x 6″11″x 7″
ColorBlack & Grey
10 x 5.63 inch. The Deco 02 drawing tablet is only 9mm thick, allowing for easy portability. 10 x 5.63 inch working area, offering you enough space to draw and create with ease. Six round, customizable shortcut keys that fit easily to your finger tip for creating a highly ergonomic and convenient work platform.
There are plenty of options out there for you if you're just starting your journey as a digital artist and are looking for a cheap drawing tablet. We highly recommend you buy the XPPen Deco 01 V2 as it is the choice for most people.
Memory usage:0.46176910400391Mb; real memory usage: 2Mb