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Потребительские ноутбуки HP – Информация по утилите настройки BIOS и опциям  меню | Поддержка HP®

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A: BCU is a command-line utility for controlling various BIOS settings on a supported HP notebook, desktop, or workstation system. It requires a BIOS that supports HP WMI Namespace within the BIOS.
It identifies your computer's hardware, configures it, tests it, and connects it to the operating system for further instruction. This is called the boot process. Entering the BIOS setup utility allows you to change the boot process order as well as a wide variety of hardware settings.
According to the BCU user guide on the Manageability website , the error return code = 10 that means Valid password not provided.
Fortunately, there is a default HP BIOS password that can help you get back into your system. The default HP BIOS password is 5CG5936G41. This password should work for a variety of HP systems including: HP Laptop PCs.
HP will retire HP BIOS Configuration Utility (HP BCU) in June 2022. There is no replacement planned. You can still use f10 to enter the BIOS.

Use BIOS Config Utility to Make changes in BIOS within Windows [HP Only]

You can makes changes to the BIOS of a HP PC using the BIOS config. Utility. Get it from the link below:...

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