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Приложение Samsung Pay вызывает ускоренный разряд аккумулятора

How To Use Samsung Pay

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The Samsung Pay SDK is an application framework for integrating selected Samsung Pay features with Android-based partner apps on Samsung devices. The following major operations are supported: In-App Payment Gives customers the option of paying for products and services with Samsung Pay.
Samsung Pay uses NFC technology to transfer a credit or debit card's information to a NFC-enabled payment terminal, just like how an NFC-enabled card would work.
SmartThings Framework is the official Samsung app that is there to help you manage all the smart devices connected to your Android device.
near-field communications (NFC). First launched in 2015, the service supports contactless payments using near-field communications (NFC), but also supports magnetic strip-only payment terminals by incorporating magnetic secure transmission (MST) in devices released before 2021. In India, it also supports bill payments.
You'll need it in order to use Samsung Pay correctly on your smartphone. This tool is essential for your Samsung to work properly. Otherwise, it'll have performance errors, particularly when it comes to mobile payments. This system tool is one of the most trustworthy methods for payment via your Samsung smartphone.
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