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Ad fraud accusation. In March 2020, Cheetah Mobile was banned from Google Play due to their scheme of ad fraud, resulting in all of their games being removed as part of a 600 app deletion.
The company's apps were removed from Google's store in February as part of a purge of apps identified as malicious by Google, Android's parent company, company executives said on a Tuesday earnings call.
CharaCorder. CharaCorder claims that, once a user learns how to type with the machine, they can achieve speeds impossible on a QWERTY keyboard. Most people type around 40 words per minute (WPM) with skilled typists hitting upwards of 100 WPM. Competition typers can break into the 200 WPM.
CharaChorder. Meet CharaChorder, a peripheral device that allows you to type faster than it is physically possible on a normal keyboard. The device slightly resembles a gamepad with 18 joysticks sticking out of it.
Due to ad fraud, Google Play banned CheetahMobile forever, so all its games, including Dancing Line itself, were removed in Google Play at February 20, 2020. Thus, no more new levels can be updated on Android after that. The Third Anniversary and The Video Game's update is the last version on Android.


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