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Core i5-7600K (3.8GHz, 4C, L3:6M, Intel HD 600 series, 91W, rev.B0)ALL
Core i5-7600T (2.8GHz, 4C, L3:6M, Intel HD 600 series, 35W, rev.B0)ALL
Core i7-6700 (3.4GHz, 4C, HT, L3:8M, GT2, 65W, rev.R0)ALL
Core i7-6700K (4.0GHz, 4C, HT, L3:8M, GT2, 91W, rev.R0)ALL
The results on the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming are excellent for the price point and the inclusion of a headphone amplifier is another bonus too. While there are better audio solutions available, the performance offered here will be enough to satisfy most PC gamers.
I researched on ASUS website and also elsewhere, both Z170 Pro Gaming and Z170 Sabertooth Mark 1 supports NVMe M. 2 drive.
Additionally, it comes built with RGB LEDs that illuminate the insides of the computer with various color-changing effects. The Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard is outfitted with four DDR4 DIMM slots that can hold up to 64GB of memory modules.
Intel's Z170 chipset only supports Intel Core processors from the 6 and 7 series (7 series with a BIOS update). Additionally, the new 10 series CPUs are physically different to the ones from previous generations and as such need a different socket.

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ASUS Z170-PRO станет правильной основой для сборки домашней рабочей и игровой системы. Предлагаются...

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