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Внешний SSD диск HP P500 120ГБ (6FR73AA) - характеристики и описание на  Мегамаркет

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HP P500 delivers read and write speeds of up to 420 MB/s, saving time on loading videos, photos and games.
SSD's lives can vary, some simply die just after 5 years, some take longer and they WON'T tell you when they die. No one, no tool can predict when it is going to die, some symptons may help us to say it will die soon but can be next week, next month or next hour. Again when it dies, it dies.
The Bottom Line. The lifespan of a hard drive is not absolute. HDDs will, in theory, last for 3 to 5 years, whereas an SSD would work for 10 years. But again, these figures are directly governed by the build quality, usage periods, and the operating conditions for the drives.
An example SSD from Intel is still classified as completely intact by the HD Sentinel monitoring tool after almost 10 years of use (performance value: 100%, overall condition: 98%).” However, it is clear that over time SSD drives may become less reliable.
When an SSD starts failing, you may encounter read or write errors when accessing files or saving data. These errors may prevent you from opening files, cause files to become corrupted, or result in data loss.


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