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For the price point this is def the best bang for your buck , charges quickly last long and can transport in your pocket or even in a small bag, I have no complaints about it highly recommended.
Our Verdict. The Baseus Magnetic Power Bank boasts a huge battery capacity, MagSafe-compatible wireless charging, and the fastest wired charging we've tested so far on any iPhone power bank. It's built for the iPhone 15 but will work with any MagSafe iPhone.
2.8 Hours. Product information
Item Weight‎2 ounces
Item Weight‎2 Ounces
Product Dimensions‎6L x 2.7W x 0.7Th
Number of Ports‎3
Charging Time‎2.8 Hours
The top charging port provided enough power to run either an iPad or a laptop while the other ports provided enough to quickly charge our phones and other devices. It's well built and is higher quality than any other car charger I've owned. I highly recommend it.
We all know that a 30W charger for iPhone is much powerful than a 20W charger. As a result, the charger block with 30W will charge your iPhone a lot faster than a 20W will do. Moreover, if you try to charge your 20W iPhone by plugging it into a 30W charger, it will give you the same speed that a 20W charger does.


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