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(That's just) crazy talk!: ( That's just) nonsense, stupidity, a ridiculous idea! idiom.
It's a fairly literal use of the word “crazy”. “He's talking crazy” means “he is suggesting something dangerous or extremely unreasonable” or “he is expressing extreme anger and threats.”
Crazy Talk is a party game based on brief time-limited improvisations. A player randomly picks two cards: one with a character and one with an unrelated situation. The player then tries to act it out so that his/her teammates can guess what each of the two cards say.
Colloquial language includes slang, along with abbreviations, contractions, idioms, turns-of-phrase, and other informal words and phrases known to most native speakers of a language or dialect. Jargon is terminology that is explicitly defined in relationship to a specific activity, profession, or group.

Crazy Talk - Brenda Lee

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