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Is God of War on Xbox? Simply put, no. Since the series had its debut on the PlayStation 2, no God of War games have been ported to the Xbox, 360, or One. You might be able to tell this by the 'Only on PlayStation' text at the top right of the PS4 game's packaging.
No, it can't run God of War 3, because it has too much powerful graphics and powers.
While it may be disappointing for Xbox console owners wanting to experience the journey of Kratos, we will never see a God of War release on a Microsoft platform.
When God of War launched its PC version in January 2022, GeForce Now allowed it to be played on Xbox consoles through Microsoft's Edge browser.
Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice is pretty much just like the new God of War games from what I can tell but if you're looking for something more like the old God of War games I would say maybe Devil May Cry 3. Kinda old but it's on newer consoles with updated performance and visuals and it holds up well.

Legally Distinct God of War! - Bloodforge (Xbox 360)

On this episode of Flophouse Plays, I pick up the sword and go back to the fabled Xbox 360 summer of arcade games! This one is...

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