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How to Access Nvidia Overlay with GeForce Experience (2020)

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Press Alt + Z to launch the Nvidia GeForce overlay. Hover the mouse over to the gear icon and click on it to open the settings. Now, scroll down and select the Keyboard Shortcuts option. The keyboard shortcut to launch the overlay is the first option under the General section.
Access the overlay with “Alt+Z” and you'll see a new feature called “Stream”.
Since an overlay is intended to display on top of another full-screen program, you'll need to be running one in order to activate the overlay feature. Press and hold Alt + Z .
If Alt R is not working as expected, there could be several reasons. It might be that the application you're using does not support that shortcut, or there might be a conflict with another shortcut key combination.

Enable/Customize Nvidia Performance Overlay | 2024 Guide

The Nvidia Performance Overlay isnt a new feature, but lots of people dont know it exists, or worse: Dont know that you can...

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