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IBM Quantum is advanced quantum cloud technology – several real quantum computer devices and simulators available for use through the cloud – enabling Fortune 500 companies, startups, national research labs and academic institutions to run experiments and explore use cases.
IBM introduced its latest generation quantum processor, the IBM Heron. The new device represents a significant milestone in the evolution of quantum computing technology at IBM. The new quantum processor showcases substantial advancements over its predecessors in terms of performance and capability.
The Lite plan allows the user to access only quantum simulators and is free of charge. Pay-as-you-go access to IBM Quantum hardware and simulators is provided with the Standard plan.
Anyone can sign up for an IBM Quantum Experience account to access the available quantum computers and work with their interface, which includes a graphical interface for basic experiments and a more advanced interface using Qiskit, IBM's open-source quantum computing software development kit.
Intel's competitors and similar companies include Samsung Electronics, Oracle, IBM and Imagination Technologies.

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IBM Research is a group of researchers, scientists, technologists, designers, and thinkers inventing whats next in computing....

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