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The Blockheads Community Manager would later confirm that the game was removed from the Google Play Store by Noodlecake Studios themselves due to failed negotiations with Google to circumvent certain requirements of modern Android versions.
Play The Blockheads on PC by following steps:
  1. Download MEmu, then install and launch it.
  2. Login to Google Play Store, install the game.
  3. Enjoy playing the game on PC with MEmu.
The Blockheads on the App Store.
No virus. The Blockheads is an engaging Android game that takes a leaf from the renowned Minecraft, offering a survival adventure in a two-dimensional world.
As of April 2023, The Blockheads are still touring.

The Blockheads: The Rise and Fall

Probably one of the most nostalgic games of my childhood, I bring to you my presentation about the rise and fall of The...

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