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Iphone wifi direct: 60 фото

Подключение к устройствам не на базе iOS и Android с помощью Wi-Fi Direct

snu:mee Tutorial 3: Wi-Fi direct connection iOS (EN)

In this video were showing how to establish a direct Wi-Fi connection between snu:mee and an iPhone. This mode is the...

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You can connect an iPhone or iPad directly to your product without using a wireless router or access point. To use this feature, your iOS device must have the following installed: iOS 11 or later.
Both Android 4.0 and Apple devices or IOS support direct connections, though Apple offers it under the names AirPlay and AirDrop. Smart televisions often allow casting from Wi-Fi Direct devices, and many streaming devices, such as Roku and Chromecast, are compatible as well.
Transforming SMBs with Digital Strategy |… AirDrop actually doesn't rely on Wi-Fi networks to transfer files directly between devices. It uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, a peer-to-peer technology that creates a temporary Wi-Fi network specifically for the AirDrop transfer.
Launch the Settings app and tap Connections. Tap Wi-Fi. Tap Wi-Fi Direct. Ensure your other device or devices have Wi-fi Direct enabled and are visible.
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